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The Vicious Stress Cycle

By: Jack Claridge - Updated: 5 Oct 2012 | comments*Discuss
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The Vicious Stress Cycle is something that many sufferers of stress experience during the course of their lives and, in a great many cases, do not know that they are suffering from it.

The Vicious Stress Cycle is not actually a new idea but the fact that many stress sufferers do not know of its existence means that it is something that takes them by surprise when they discover what it is.

What is The Vicious Stress Cycle?

This is what the Vicious Stress Cycle breaks down as:
  • If you suffer from negative moods or emotions caused by problems in the home or in the workplace these will ultimately lead to stress.
  • The stress you are suffering from will then manifest itself as a physical ailment such as high blood pressure.
  • Attitudes and behaviour towards others becomes altered by these physical ailments, which were originally caused by stress.
  • The realisation that your behaviour towards others has altered leads to further bouts of stress or anxiety.
  • These further bouts of stress - or anxiety - result in negative reactions, which then appear as negative moods or emotions taking the sufferer full circle.
This may sound all very simple but it something that most stress sufferers can identify with, although they don’t particularly know they are going through this cycle as it is happening to them.

Cyclical Stress

It is all too common for a sufferer of stress to visit their doctor with the symptoms of stress and then have to return within a few weeks with symptoms of another ailment. This is why the condition is known as the Vicious Stress Cycle.

If you suffer from stress and have recently begun to feel physically unwell, whereas previously you just felt as though you were under extreme pressure, then perhaps you should visit your doctor. The first symptoms of the Vicious Stress Cycle taking hold are changes in the body’s well being.

Problems with digestion lack of appetite, insomnia, shortness of breath and short temper are all the first indicators that the stress you originally began to suffer from is changing into something physical.

Indeed, the partners of many stress sufferers have testified to the fact that this emotional state has become a physical one and this state of physical illness and brought about a further state of stress, which is amplified because the sufferer is stressed out by the fact that they are now unwell.

The Importance of Getting Help

This vicious cycle continues and compacts as time carries on until the level of stress becomes so great that the initial stress has now transformed into a state of depression. And in this depressed state other illnesses can occur and indeed in some extreme cases suicidal tendencies or unexpected bouts of violent behaviour not seen before can occur.

Many sufferers of stress who have gone through this process and have felt ill and then felt depressed are often unable to determine at which point things got so bad that they suffered from severe changes in personality.

Again it is important to emphasise that this does not happen in all cases of stress but it is worth remembering that, if left unchecked, mild cases of stress can become worse and can manifest itself as something much worse.

If you are feeling stressed and this stress continues to a point where you feel are no longer able to cope with it you should consult your doctor at your earliest convenience.He or she will be able to help you work through the problem and set you on the road to recovery but it is important that you or a partner recognise the signs and act upon them as soon as you can.

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